National Digitalradio starts successfully – all programmes receivable and active .

1st August 2011

Entering a new era new Digitalradio in Germany started its regular transmission this morning. "All 27 transmitter locations have confirmed new digitalradio is now regularly working nationwide", says Michael Reichert, Director of Germany´s Digitalradio (DR) project office based at the Baden-Württemberg spa city of Baden-Baden.

"All programmes having been planned for the first phase of Digitalradio in Germany are on air! The start of this modern and very new radio of the future means a milestone in Germany´s radio history. All members and radios involved are working hard to enhance and to improve receiving this new and digital radio".

Today´s start of digitalradio in many German cities and regions brings an exciting and varied mixture of already known and totally new radio programmes on air. Some examples: 90elf from Leipzig is Germany´s first and only information format radio focussing on football updating all footy news every 15 minutes. Lounge FM delivers a relaxed mixture of lounge and chillout music. DRadio Wissen, the third radio channel of Germany´s nationwide radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio, started DR in offering the news show "Mein Tag – Die Welt in 100 Sekunden" (My day – the world in 100 seconds) followed by a show informing solely on Digitalradio and today´s start. At Absolute Radio, a new radio station at the Bavarian city of Regensburg, presenter Eva Schlössel lead Digitalradio listeners" into the day".

Since the weekend the updated webpage of www.digitalradio.de showed already very lively reaction from new and old Digitalradio fans. Much interest within the nationwide fan community has been raised by the "Receiving Prognosis" page where users can check if and where Digitalradio is now working. Just put in your post code and the page will tell you! The prognosis page also offers an updated and complete list of all Digitalradio stations nationwide in all Bundesländer, Germany´s regions. A list of all digital radio sets available in German specialist shops and chains is also on offer. Altogether you have the choice out of 120!

"Having reached the first target – to bring the national programmes on air – we will now work to consolidate the existing and further enhance Digitalradio in Germany. We are planning to bring all ARD stations (ARD being Germany´s public service broadcasting provider) in their broadcasting regions onto the transmitters. Also we will try everything to provide additional services only possible with Digitalradio", says Michael Reichert. This all should be finalised within the next months for all of Germany. If everything works out fine we will see and hear the first commercial and regional stations starting to broadcast their digitalradio programmes in their broadcasting areas.

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