Business community confirms radio industry expectations

Digital radio sales will reach more than 1 million target - New range of radios and September´s IFA 2011 support radio set sales

Baden-Baden. 10 October, 2011. Korks are popping as the launch of digital radio in Germany has fulfilled all expectations of radio industry and radio traders. All data availaible show a positive development confirming the "kick-off" hopes of radio companies  and digital radio lobbyists in Germany.

Hans-Joachim Kamp, Vice-President of Germany´s influential  Zenralverband Elektrotechnik and Elektronikindustrie  (ZVEI) representing the radio manufacturers in Germany, expects 2012 will see the crossing of the 1m digital radio sale line. Talks within the industry and current consumer research would clearly confirm that many hundred thousands digital radio sets will be sold until the end of this year. Kamp stated again that the industry had expected this development, even when some sale fore casts have been more cautious.

SONY´s Andreas Schneider comments this positive development: "The presence of all important radio manufacturers at September´s IFA 2011, the world´s largest consumer electonics fair, has obviously supported the audio and radio discussion and devlopment in Germany. Digital radio has been really visible evoking current very positive sales figures and establishing a new importance of radio in Germany. I really see a new trend listening  to this new radio."

All main manfacturers predict  "excellent Christmas  sales" recognising their extraordinary September 2011 sales of digital radio sets in Germany. Starting at 50 Euro  140 different DAB+ radio sets are currently on offer in the German market.

Christoph Homberg, Digitalradio´s  trade coordinator and COE of Germany´s DUAL company sees the 50 Euro starting prize as support of a constant demand for digital radios in Europe´s largest market: "The current sales figures have lead our company to order much more digital radio sets from the manufacturers than expected. We really had to revise our targets for the last quarter of 2011 to satisfy consumer demand."

Against this positive background Michael Reichert, Head of Digitalradio´s Project Office at Baden-Baden, forecasts there will be more to come: "Our next milestone of introducing digital radio in Germany will be the extended range of services at ARD digital radios. They all will offer added services like e.g. text on screen certainly raising more interest in this future way of radio listening. Radio of the future has to be atractive to attract listeners ! Programme content and diversity will push future digital radio sales figures. "

Digital radio in Germany
On 1 August 2011 digital radio launched in Germany. At current it includes three public -service and nine commercial radios nationwide: 90elf–Dein Fußball-Radio, Absolut Radio, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, DRadio Wissen, ENERGY, ERF Plus, Radio Horeb, Kiss FM, Klassik Radio, LoungeFM and  RADIO BOB!. In October ReMix (working title) will start its transmissons. All programmes offer new text and picuure services . Adding to these nationwide stations regional radio stations also started their broadcasts within the German regions, the Lander of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Northrhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt,Thuringia and  Berlin/Brandenburg. Over the next months many more radios will start in the remaining German regions. Further information you will find on www.digitalradio.de

Project Office Digitalradio
The HQ of digital radio in Germany, a joint venture of public-service and commercial radios,  is based in the spa of Baden-Baden in the Baden-Württemberg region. Its target:  establishing  digital radio as "radio of the future" in Germany , to coordinate all regional and nationwide activities and to inform the public, supported by the radio indutry, l radio providers and the poltical decisionmakers in Germany.

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