Now Radio! International Conference in Wroclaw, Poland

Now Radio! International Conference in Wroclaw, Poland
The international conference NOW RADIO! which took place on 10th-11th May 2012 in Wroclaw gathered many eminent experts on digital radio from across Europe and also form distant Australia where DAB+ has enjoyed significant success. Just that radio broadcasting standard was the main topic of the event organized by Radio Wroclaw, Polish leading regional public broadcaster which has been at the forefront of many initiatives for years.

The subtitle of the conference was a question: Can radio broadcasting remain analogue in a digital world? After the conference the answer is obvious that radio in Poland should pace digital way, although public broadcasters are convinced that DAB+ is the right, Pan European standard to adopt and that broadcasting is the best possible way to reach mass audience economically and ecologically. Commercial broadcasters are rather in favor of digital radio in a shape of some new and future Internet based systems to be achieved in the future. They are conscious that today's Internet infrastructure doesn't assure too satisfying reception of radio services especially while in the move but they predict a quick development of Internet technologies or even an appearing some new ones which could meet radio broadcaster's today's and future needs.

The Now Radio! Conference in Wroclaw was attended by 150 people representing all sectors of the Polish broadcasting market including national and regional public, commercial and social radio broadcasters. Also high level representatives of the regulatory bodies as National Broadcasting Council and the Office of Electronic Communications were represented as well as major infrastructure operators with Emitel at the head. That was the company which together with Radio Wroclaw and the National Institute of Telecommunication run the first DAB+ transmission in 2009, just in the same place where the conference was held, in Wroclaw.

Speakers to the conference represented as well commercial and public broadcasters and many countries where digital broadcasting is present and developing; Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France and even Australia where DAB+ is a real and spectacular success. Thanks to them Now Radio! Conference gave to all participants a chance to share experience and knowledge     in a great surroundings of a beautiful Wroclaw which is to be an European Capital of Culture in 2016. The event made possible do lead long discussions in the lobbies and listen to arguments of the opponents what wasn't feasible before that meeting. Before the event such substitutes for discussions were led only via magazines and the Internet media portals.

It is important that a serious discussion on the future of Polish digital radio was started just at the Now Radio! Conference. The vast majority of the participants agreed that the Polish radio broadcasting's future is digital and now is the best time for looking for the optimal path for Poland to go there and think seriously about years to come.

Now Radio! Conference's message for Poland is that in digital world radio cannot remain analogue. And DAB+ is the standard ready to go. Also for Poland.