Approval of new nationwide digital radio programmes

Approval of new nationwide digital radio programmes
"KISS national", "sunshine -live" and "Radio BOB!" will join Germany´s  nationwide digital radio offers heads of regional OFCOMS decided during today´s meeting in Munich. Accepting these new radio programmes means updating the rules for the transmission of national digital radio in Germany, launched on 1st August 2011. Under German digital radio regulations CVK, the joint approval committee of all German OFCOMS, finally confirmed the new providers as  "regular broadcasters". Until today CVK had only tolerated they stepped-in to substitute new programme offers planned to start at launch date but were not able to do so. In addition ZAK also confirmed Klassik Radio GmbH & Co KG to use six new frequencies not used at current.

"Kiss national" is owned by Alpha 12 Digitalradio GmbH & Co. KG, a 100% daughter company of NORFOM Medien GmbH & Co KG. Ahead of final approval OFCOM Schleswig-Holstein agreed NORFORM could transfer their broadcasting approval on to Alpha 12. The provider company behind "Radio BOB" and "sunshine - live" is REGIOCAST Digital GmbH.

Since August 2011 nationwide digital radio consists of commercial radio providers and different programmes of Germany´s national public service provider Deutschlandradio at Cologne.

GVK - Heads of regional OFCOMS joint conference

Under §36, chapter 3 RSTV, GVK (Gremenvorsitzendenkonferenz is the responsible authority to allow and provide broadcasting capacities and digital platfoms for commercial radio companies in Germany. In addition GVK advises on all media policy affairs, from e.g. new developments of programmes to media ethics, and observes the joint working relationship of al regional German OFCOMS. The heads of every regional media council, media commission and their joint conference are building the existing GVK.

Chair: Dr Harmut Richter, chair of media council, OFCOM Baden-Württemberg

ZAK - accreditation and control commission

ZAK accepts and controls all nationwide and the development of digital radio in Germany. It also observes and develops any platform regulations under §36, chapter 2 RSTV. Only directors and presidents of every regional OFCOM are ZAK members.

Chair: Thomas Fuchs, OFCOM Hamburg/ Schleswig-Holstein

Commissioner programmes and advertising: Thomas Langheinrich, OFCOM Baden-Württemberg

Commissioner Platform regulations and digital access: Dr Hans Hege, OFCOM Berlin-Brandenburg

DLM - joint conference of all regional OFCOM  directors

DLM represents the interests of all regional OFCOMS, discusses all broadcasting affairs on national and international level, analyses current programme developments and gathers all essential broadcasting information . Directors and presidents of Germany´s 14 regional OFCOMS are the DLM members.

Chair: Thomas Fuchs, OFCOM Hamburg-Schleswig.-Holstein.

(source: www.die-medienanstalten.de)