18 Mai 2014

Joint forces of broadcasters and device industry

Digital radio is more than just a digital audio signal. It is state-of-the-art radio which offers more choice and more variety for its listeners. Additional data services such as texts or visuals are enhancing and accompanying the powerful live radio brands. Broadcasters and receiver manufacturers are working closely together for an optimal presentation on every digital radio device.

A joint working group withing the open digital radio platform inside the Federal ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) developes and maintaines guidelines, to increase the mutual understanding of digital radio between both broadcasters and industry. This work first and foremost focusses on, but is not limited to the German market. Inside these documents requirements for current and upcoming receiver generations are worked out to foster the evolution of a vital and attractive receiver market. All documents are maintained on regular basis and represent guidelines but not ratified standards. Approved and released editions can be found here:

Digital Radio Receiver Classes

This document defines 3 classes for digital radio receivers driven by general use cases. These classes shall apply to all market segments including without limitation home receivers, car radios, portable devices and docking stations. The classes are based on the DAB family of standards. For all classes detailed minimum receiver requirements are defined for products conforming to any of the classes.
  • Radio receivers with basic audio oriented functionality, that have a display of at least 8 characters.
  • Multi-function products with a color screen and enhanced audio and multimedia features.
  • Products with integrated broadcast & broadband connectivity for hybrid functionality.
| Download: DigitalRadio_receiver_classes_v1-0_140613.pdf |

Radio Services On Air

This document reflects the status-quo of the digital radio broadcasting in Germany on a service by service basis. Moreover it gives guidance for receiver manufacturers about the broadcasters’ further roadmap.
| Download: Radio services on air_Edition_4.pdf |

Proposed usage of text services

This additional document describes how text information should be displayed on modern digital radio receivers.
| Download: ProposedUsage of text services_edition1.pdf |

Proposed usage of visual services on digital radios

This additional document describes how visual information should be displayed on modern digital radio receivers – with a specific focus on in-car reception in particular.
| Download: ProposedUsage of visual services_Edition_1.pdf